Strengthen your core muscles: These exercises will help

The muscle area in the center of our body is often underestimated. The six-pack may be a symbol of beauty, but training the central and lateral abdominal muscles is also recommended for other reasons. A strengthened core supports the spine, improves posture and enhances performance. This article shows how you can contribute to this with targeted exercises.

Strengthening the core muscles with a standing desk

Most people still sit when they do their office work. But this should change for several reasons. Switching to a standing desk provides a training effect and an energy boost, without the need for a gym. The standing position requires continuous activity of the core muscles to keep the body stable. This means you can work out on the side, even for several hours.

The standing position also offers opportunities for dynamic work. Rocking slightly from one foot to the other or standing on one leg also strengthens the entire body muscles. Standing planks or leg lifts can be performed directly at the desk and are a welcome change to the working day.

Other exercises to strengthen the core muscles

Even away from the standing workstation, there are many ways to strengthen the core muscles with small units. Standard planks, side planks and variations of these are good exercises that can be performed quickly. If you have no experience at all, you can spend a little longer each day in the plank position. For example, the first day could start with 20 seconds, the second day with 30 seconds and so on.

Raising and lowering the pelvis while lying down also strengthens the lower back muscles and the gluteal muscles. Bicycle crunches are another good exercise. This involves alternately pulling the knees towards the opposite shoulder. The tension primarily trains the oblique abdominal muscles. Leg lifts can be performed standing or lying down to strengthen the lower abdominal muscles.

Sitting with your legs raised and turning your upper body from side to side – Russian twists are a great way to relieve tension at work and strengthen your muscles at the same time.

Integrating small exercise units into everyday life

Muscle training doesn’t always have to take place in the gym or on a sports mat. Small exercises in everyday life can quickly lead to success. At the standing desk, for example, the abdominal muscles can always be tensed for 10 seconds, 20 seconds or longer and then relaxed again. 

Conscious tension during other routines also helps. If you take the stairs, for example, you can tense your muscles on the way up and thus activate a double training effect. Climbing stairs also works the gluteal muscles.   

Everyone has to lift something regularly. Shopping bags, folders, a crate of drinks – there’s a lot for our muscles to do. The double training effect can also be utilized for these activities. When lifting, the muscles are tensed and released again when you put them down. If you also breathe deeply into your abdomen, the effect is intensified. 

Muscle exercises when brushing your teeth

Brushing our teeth is a daily ritual that we do at least once or twice a day. The muscles can also be specifically trained here. The leg is raised so that the thigh is parallel to the floor and the knee is held at a 90-degree angle. The raised leg is then held stable for the entire duration of the brushing exercise. After approx. 1 minute, switch legs to train both sides equally.

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