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Sports New88 is an attractive entertainment destination, meeting all the entertainment needs of everyone. At the website, you can experience unique betting products with the most reputable quality guaranteed. And to gain more knowledge about the game lobby and then choose the right game for yourself, please refer to the shares below.

Answer: What is New88 sports betting?

Sports betting at New88 is simply understood as players using their knowledge to place a sum of money to predict the outcome of a specific match. You can choose to bet on different subjects such as football, volleyball, badminton, tennis, etc. When participating in betting, bettors will have to accept the lucky results of the game.

Sports New88 Currently providing many forms of online betting to serve bettors. After registering, bettors will be able to participate in the game at any time of the day.

What betting products does New88 sports have?

Coming to the sports lobby at New88today, bettors will be able to participate in many attractive betting products for you to choose from. Below are some of the subjects with the most participation today.

Football betting

Soccer betting is the form of play with the largest number of participants today. Bettors will be able to predict the results of many domestic and international matches such as soccer cup c1, worldcup, Asia cup, …

Come to New88 sports, players will have the right to choose matches with their favorite team to participate in betting. Odds are extremely diverse and are given 1 week before the match. This gives you a lot of time to compare odds and choose the appropriate betting form.

 Tennis betting

Although tennis betting has just been launched, it has received a positive response from everyone. You will choose handicap bets, open bets, over/under bets, etc. offered by the house before the match, then place money and predict the results.

When participating in betting at New88 sports – tennis, you can completely rest assured about fairness. The reason is because the game rules here are extremely strict, eliminating any cheating. Besides, the bonuses that bettors receive in this form are also very good.

Basketball betting

Basketball is one of the subjects that is quite new to bettors in Vietnam, but that does not make it fall out of favor. In fact, international basketball matches always have a lot of participants.

Currently, basketball betting in addition to normal odds such as over/under, handicap, odd even, etc., also has Moneyline odds. This has helped you have more options.

Esport betting at New88 sports

Although Esport has just been released not long ago, it makes it impossible for you to ignore. Coming to this playground, you can not only watch but also compete directly in League of Legends, Fifa Online 4, Empire,… Everyone will be satisfied with the balanced matches from the experts. and make money faster.

 Advantages when participating in betting at New88 sports

To achieve great success like at present, this New88 playground gives bettors the following outstanding advantages:

Safe and extremely reputable for everyone

Regarding the quality of the game, the games at New88 sports All come from the world’s leading game production companies. The house also has full licenses to operate in the field of online betting and is recognized for its reputation by the governments of many countries.

Besides, to make you feel more secure when providing data and using the house’s services, the website offers modern SSL data conversion technology. All information you provide will be encrypted to ensure safety. That’s why it’s difficult for hackers to successfully penetrate the website’s system.

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Impressive incentives for members

Sports New88 is a well-invested game hall with a huge amount of money. Because of this, promotional activities take place here regularly. Everyone will receive countless attractive incentives as follows:

  • With the first deposit, players immediately receive a 100% promotion of the deposit card value.
  • The special sports offer at New88 is a refund of up to 2% to help players have an insurance against losses.
  • Besides, there will be many attractive promotional activities giving away money to those who win many consecutive bets during the day.


Sports New88 is the house’s strength for many consecutive years. Therefore, this is a carefully invested playground guaranteed to bring bettors the most wonderful moments of relaxation.

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