Instructions on How to Bet on Dog Racing Easiest to Win

Dog racing betting has the same form as horse racing betting. The way to bet on dog racing is to collect and analyze information, then make accurate predictions to bet on what is appropriate. If you don’t know how to bet on dog racing, read New88vinet instructional article immediately below!

History of dog racing betting

The origin of this type dates back to the second half of the 19th century. The dog racing track first appeared in 1876 in the cityHendon belongs to England. Dog racing usually takes place around an oval or circular track. The competing dogs are lured with a mechanical rabbit or hare until all the dogs cross the finish line.

Along with horse racing, greyhound racing is also one of the most popular events to bet on Dog racing betting. Originated in Western countries and gradually spread to Japan. Before Asian countries paid attention to dog racing like today, in Vietnam there was a dog racing school in Vung Tau.

Although dog races bring in less revenue than horse races, they are also very dramatic and profitable for dog racing bettors. The dogs participating in racing are often purebred hunting dogs and are recognized as the fastest dogs in the world.

Today with the development of technology, players no longer have to go to the racetrack to watch dogs compete. Betting also becomes more convenient when many reputable online bookmakers offer online dog racing betting. You can easily bet on your favorite dog directly from your internet-connected devices.

On New88’s online game platform, there are many greyhound racing games. Below is a brief summary of the game as well as the greyhound racing betting rules:

  • Winner: This bet requires you to correctly guess the dog that will reach the finish line first. This is the most basic bet in dog racing betting.
  • Place Bet: This is a type of bet where the dog must finish first or second.
  • Show Bet: You must choose a dog that you believe will finish in first place, or second place, or third place.
  • Quiniela: You have to predict which 2 dogs will come first or second in any order. For example: first and second, second and third, fourth and fifth…
  • Perfecta: You need to accurately predict the positions of the two dogs that will finish at the beginning of the race.
  • Trifecta: You predict that the 3 dogs will finish at the beginning of the losing leg but the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.
  • Key Trifecta: This is a variation of the Trifecta bet, you also guess the first 3 dogs in the losing leg but must correctly guess the first ranked dog, the remaining two dogs are not important.
  • Superfecta: For this bet, you must correctly guess the 4 dogs ranked 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the correct order.

In general, dog racing betting has high and unpredictable payouts. For example, Trifecta or Superfecta bets, you must be experienced bettors to be able to predict this bet. If you are new to dog racing betting, don’t be foolish to get involved in these types of bets.


Good tips to keep in mind when betting on dog racing

A very important factor you need to consider before placing a bet on a certain dog is its performance in recent races. It is like the performance and achievements of the two teams in soccer betting.

Choose a dog of appropriate age and gender

Another important factor you need to keep in mind is the age of the dog. The older a dog gets, the slower its running speed will be. All information about the age and gender of the dogs participating in the race will be updated before betting.

Age is also very important, because it directly affects the race. It takes about two years for a beagle to reach full maturity. During this period, the dog is trained and improved in its racing skills. When a dog reaches 3 years old, it is considered fully grown and in peak form.

At this age, the animal has reached its full potential, so you should trust these dogs to bet on dog racing. The average retirement age for the vast majority of racing dogs is about 5 to 6 years old.

Choose a racing dog with a good breed

The breed of the dog is also a factor to consider. If a puppy is born to parents who have outstanding speed on the track, it is likely that they have good genes from their parents. However, this tip is a bit difficult to do, because not everyone knows the exact origin of a dog.


Dog racing betting is always a popular form of play because of the variety of attractive odds. If you still feel unfamiliar, you can try playing the game hereBookmaker New88 Please. Wishing you great experiences when coming to dog racing games – an attractive sport.

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