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Team Free Dual-Mode Conference All-in-One: True HD Comfort and Seamless Connectivity

Team Free introduces the Dual-Mode Conference All-in-One, a revolutionary video conferencing equipment that combines true high-definition (HD) visuals with exceptional comfort and connectivity features. With its high-definition 1080p image quality, 100-degree wide-angle distortion-free camera, and 5-meter 360° pickup range, this device allows participants to walk freely and engage in meetings without any restraints.

True HD Visuals for Immersive Meetings

The Dual-Mode Conference All-in-One by Team Free delivers true high-definition 1080p image resolution, ensuring crystal-clear visuals for your virtual meetings. Whether you’re presenting slides, sharing documents, or having face-to-face conversations, the true HD display brings every detail to life.

 Wide-Angle Camera with Distortion-Free Lens

Equipped with a 100-degree wide-angle camera and a distortion-free lens, Team Free’s Dual-Mode Conference All-in-One captures a broad view of the meeting space without any visual distortions. This wide field of view ensures that all participants in the room are visible, even in larger settings.

Unrestricted Mobility with Omnidirectional Pickup:

Team Free’s Dual-Mode Conference All-in-One takes audio quality to the next level with its omnidirectional pickup and HIFI sound capabilities. The device captures audio from all directions, providing a 5-meter 360-degree pickup range. This feature allows participants to walk freely and engage in meetings without worrying about audio quality or being tied to a specific spot. 


In conclusion, Team Free’s Dual-Mode Conference All-in-One provides a truly comfortable and immersive video conferencing experience. Experience the freedom to walk and engage freely in virtual meetings without compromising audio or visual quality. Upgrade your video conferencing capabilities with the Dual-Mode Conference All-in-One and elevate your meetings to new heights of comfort and productivity.

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