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Shenling: Your Trusted Partner for Cutting-Edge Commercial Heat Pumps

Shenling is a leader in heat pumps, providing innovative eco-thermal systems for space heating, energy storage and renewable energy management. With a commitment to excellence, Shenling offers a comprehensive line of commercial heat pumps that feature state-of-the-art technology and superior craftsmanship, designed to meet commercial space heating needs.

About Shenling: A Beacon of Eco-Thermal Innovation

At the forefront of eco-friendly thermal solutions, Shenling is a revered heat pump manufacturer dedicated to revolutionizing space heating, energy storage, and energy management through the use of renewable resources.

Comprehensive HVAC Solutions

Shenling’s prowess extends beyond its product range. With over two decades of accumulated experience, the brand has evolved into a specialized HVAC supplier offering end-to-end solutions for global customers. From HVAC consulting to system design, equipment development, integration, commissioning, intelligent control, and IoT operation and maintenance, Shenling provides holistic HVAC solutions that cater to diverse commercial needs.

Introducing the polestar E Series: Commercial Heat Pumps

An embodiment of Shenling’s commitment to excellence is the polestar E Series. Tailored for commercial buildings, these air source heat pumps redefine energy efficiency for the business landscape. The key features of the polestar E Series include:

  • Withstanding -26°C low ambient temperatures
  • Delivering a remarkable 55°C outgoing water temperature
  • Compact footprint for space optimization
  • Modular design for versatile combinations
  • Intelligent control system for optimized performance


Shenling’s journey is a t ament to its dedication to sustainable thermal solutions. As a leading commercial heat pump manufacturer, Shenling ETS goes beyond mere technology – it embodies a commitment to a greener and more energy-efficient future. Elevate your commercial space heating endeavors with Shenling’s innovative heat pump solutions, knowing that you are partnering with a brand that defines excellence in the HVAC industry.

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