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Reliable TPMS Solutions from Leading Supplier, Steelmate

When it comes to automotive safety electronics, Steel Mate is the trusted name that stands out as a renowned TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) supplier. With a strong commitment to enhancing driving safety and convenience, Steelmate has been at the forefront of developing, manufacturing, and delivering reliable automotive safety solutions. This article will delve into the advantages of choosing Steelmate as your TPMS supplier, highlighting the innovative features and accomplishments that set them apart from the competition.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Steelmate’s tire pressure monitoring systems incorporate cutting-edge technology to ensure accurate real-time monitoring of tire pressure. These advanced systems inform drivers of any fluctuations in tire pressure promptly, minimizing the risk of accidents caused by under-inflated or over-inflated tires.

Industry Standards

As an accredited national High Technology Enterprise and Engineering Technology R&D Center, Steelmate takes pride in its involvement in shaping the industry by being part of the drafting committee for the Chinese mandatory national standard for TPMS (GB26149-2017). This commitment to upholding industry standards ensures that their products meet the highest quality requirements.

Solar-Powered Innovation

In 2012, Steelmate revolutionized the market with the world’s first solar-powered tire pressure monitoring system. This pioneering innovation not only promotes sustainability but also provides a reliable power source for uninterrupted monitoring of tire pressure across various vehicles.

Extensive Product Range

Steelmate offers a diverse range of TPMS solutions tailored to suit different vehicle types and customer needs. Whether it’s conventional vehicles or emerging new energy carmakers, Steelmate has the expertise to provide reliable and customized solutions to meet specific requirements.

Robust Manufacturing Facilities

With an industrial park spanning 185 acres and equipped with state-of-the-art intelligent manufacturing centers, Steelmate boasts a production capacity that ensures efficient delivery of high-quality products. The park houses advanced production lines operated by a skilled workforce of over 1,000 employees.

Comprehensive Support Services

In addition to manufacturing and supplying TPMS systems, Steelmate is committed to providing after-sales support to ensure customer satisfaction. Their dedicated team offers professional services and technical assistance for seamless integration and optimal performance of their systems.


Steelmate stands out as a leading TPMS supplier with a track record of delivering reliable automotive safety solutions. Their commitment to innovation, adherence to industry standards, and comprehensive support services make them the ideal partner for leading car manufacturers and aftermarket customers worldwide. Trust in Steelmate to enhance driving safety and convenience through their cutting-edge TPMS solutions.

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