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Light Up Your Stage with Light Sky’s Laser Moving Head – Mini Laser Aqua

Mini Laser Aqua, a cutting-edge laser moving head designed to illuminate stages with stunning visual effects. With upgraded DMX or USB capabilities and intelligent temperature control for a long lifespan, the Mini Laser Aqua combines innovation and reliability. Featuring a wide pan/tilt movement of 540°/245° and a power input of AC 100-240V 50/60Hz, this laser moving head delivers outstanding performance. Light Sky’s Mini Laser Aqua is the perfect lighting solution for concerts, theaters, clubs, and any event that demands captivating visual displays.

Versatile Software and Control Options

Light Sky‘s Mini Laser Aqua comes equipped with versatile software and control options. The upgrade allows compatibility with either DMX or USB, providing flexibility and convenience in managing the lighting effects. Whether you prefer the industry-standard DMX protocol or the convenience of USB control, the Mini Laser Aqua has you covered. This versatility ensures seamless integration into any lighting setup, making it a preferred choice for lighting professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Exceptional Pan/Tilt Movement

The Mini Laser Aqua boasts exceptional pan/tilt movement capabilities, with a range of 540° for pan and 245° for tilt. This wide movement range allows for dynamic and sweeping lighting effects, covering the entire stage with ease. The precise and smooth pan/tilt motion enables you to create mesmerizing light shows, directing the beams exactly where you want them. With the Mini Laser Aqua’s pan/tilt movement, you can captivate your audience and enhance the overall visual experience.

Conclusion Light Sky’s Mini Laser Aqua laser moving head is a versatile and powerful lighting fixture that delivers outstanding performance. With its flexible software and control options, including DMX and USB compatibility, you have full control over the lighting effects. The exceptional pan/tilt movement allows you to create captivating and dynamic visuals that will elevate any stage production.

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