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Interventional Cardiology: A Breakthrough in Medical Procedures

In the dynamic world of modern medicine, interventional cardiology stands out as a groundbreaking discipline that deals specifically with heart diseases. Among the pioneers in this field is APT Medical, a brand committed to delivering excellent and  professional medical products to institutions, agents and medical professionals. APT Medical understands the importance of quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness in the medical industry.

Introducing the Braidin™ Introducer Kit

One of APT Medical’s exceptional products is the Braidin™ Introducer Kit. This innovative device features a braided stainless steel structure, specifically designed to provide a thin wall and large lumen for transradial procedures. Its excellent kink resistance ensures a smooth and successful initial step in the procedures.

Optimal Kink Resistance and Minimized Outer Diameter

The Braidin™ Introducer metal mesh braided structure ensures optimal kink resistance and smaller outer diameter, which reduces the risk of vessel trauma during insertion and maintains a clear and unobstructed path for other devices.

Enhanced Patient Comfort with Thinner Wall Design

The device’s thin wall design significantly reduces the outer diameter of the sheath, bringing more comfort to the patient and lowering the incidence of complications.. APT Medical recognizes the importance of patient experience and has engineered the Braidin™ Introducer to prioritize their comfort throughout the procedure.

Facilitating CTO Approaches and Reduced Complications Rates

The Braidin™ Introducer thin wall design enables interventional cardiologists to approach chronic total occlusion (CTO) via radial and distal radial artery. This design not only facilitates faster hemostasis but also allows for free movement of the hand, making complex procedures more accessible and efficient.


In the realm of interventional cardiology, APT Medical has established itself as a reliable partner. With a keen focus on quality, pricing, supply stability, and after-sales support, APT Medical delivers exceptional services to their diverse customer base. Their remarkable product, the Braidin™ Introducer sheath, further exemplifies their commitment to providing professional products and advancing medical procedures. Choose APT Medical for your interventional cardiology device needs and experience their unparalleled expertise and quality.

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